About The Blog

The Party Crashers blog is the brainchild of three millennials who have a deep fascination with American government and politics, a shared belief that it is the responsibility of American citizens to keep their government officials honest, and a firm view that the Internet should be used for more than pornography, illegal downloads, and videos of people doing stupid things on YouTube.

We do not pretend to be completely impartial; we each have opinions and convictions that transcend political party.  These ideas aren’t necessarily partisan ones; however, they can be ideological. We believe our ideals are not to be bought and sold, but we are not opposed to having our stances challenged or changed with a well-researched argument.

We want to be objective in how we present information, although balance is not our primary concern. How we arrived at a conclusion is as important as the conclusion itself. We will do our best to present how we reached our conclusions, use a wide variety of sources both in support of and in opposition to our arguments, and use reliable sources.

Finally, The Party Crashers blog advocates not so much for the left or for the right, nor for big government or small government, but for intelligent policy. The landscape of political discourse is already overwhelmed with political theatrics and electoral horse race. We argue that these distractions must be put aside in favor of smart leadership that works efficiently for American citizens on the federal, state, and local levels. The United States is too important to hold our elected officials (and those they appoint) to any lower standard.




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